New Era Square able to offer tenants flexible solutions – both now and post Covid-19

With the retail and food & beverage markets trending towards more open-air opportunities for the foreseeable future, the soon-to-be-completed New Era Square in the heart of Sheffield is ideally placed to be able to support prospective tenants.

New Era Square

It is undeniable that the commercial, retail and leisure sectors have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Fewer businesses are looking to expand their portfolio and many are starting to reevaluate how their business can function – and still be a success – during these unprecedented times.

What has become even more apparent during this time is the importance of pedestrianised outdoor public spaces in busy urban environments – in terms of social practicalities but also mental health and wellbeing.

Recent trends in the industry are showing that these open-air spaces and courtyards are now a key priority – for food & beverage companies in particular – as they search for more flexible, long term solutions.

Pedestrianised spaces like New Era Square allow for cafes and restaurants to put their tables and chairs outside, but also provide a more relaxing and secure environment to adhere to social distancing guidelines when shopping.

Rongmin Qin, Executive Director at New Era Developments, said:

“We understand the pandemic has been difficult for a lot of people. Here at New Era, we have taken meticulous precautions to help guide and protect our existing tenants in the scheme. With the square now nearing completion, we are exciting about some of them being able to offer food and drink outside – and starting to form the vibrant public square that we have always targeted.

“We recognise that there is an evolving demand to re-envisage public space within the urban landscapes for the foreseeable future. The major benefit of our brand new units, which are primarily set around the square, is that it allows us to work with tenants to develop more adaptable and safer solutions – all without dampening the vibrancy, excitement and enjoyment of the square and businesses within it.”